Environmental Wellness

environmental wellness 1

What does scripture say about environmental wellness?  What barriers do we face with regards to carrying out the Fathers instructions and what does He recommend to help us alleviate these conditions?


Financial Wellness

financial wellness1

This is such a hot topic!  Often most of us do not even like to touch it.  However, YHWH does offer instructions because He loves us.  Let’s see what He says…


Occupational Wellness


The scriptures give a lot of advice concerning employment or how we earn our living.  YHWH says He wants to bless us.  He cares deeply about our behavior and wants us to honor Him in our workplaces.


Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

The Father tells us many things with regards to maintaining our physical health.  There are scriptures about diet, essential oils, healing and even how much YHWH cares about our bodies.


Social Wellness

Lanai Road Elementary Gala 2014

YHWH knows we need people to share our lives with.  These relationships are gifts from Him.  He helps us with instructions regarding how to bless these relationships.


Spiritual Wellness



YHWH describes, that offenses against Him and/or others lead to unpleasant consequences.  Sometimes even death.  However, He cares for every detail about us.  This includes our spirit.



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